PlayClaw - Game Overlays, Game Video Recorder alternative, Game Streaming, Video overlays


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During early access stage ask software support from old web site.

Already have PlayClaw or HudSight license?

Create an account here, sign in on the web site and link your code to the account (a screenshot below).

Then start PlayClaw 7 and sign in the program settings (Main menu, Settings, Premium features). Program settings can be showed with system tray click or a hotkey (default is Ctrl+Backspace).

Old PlayClaw license covers all possible Premium features in PlayClaw 7. Old HudSight license gives HudSight premium license in PlayClaw 7. One code can be linked only to one account. In other words, this is a free update to version 7 for all our license owners.

Currently only standalone PlayClaw codes can be linked to account. Steam licenses support will be added later.