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Free Game Video Recorder

With ability to stream your gameplay

Can draw lots of useful overlays on your screen

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A must-have gaming tool

PlayClaw gives you an ability to see various gaming overlays on your screen while you are playing a game. With built-in game recording and streaming, our software is an absolute must-have tool for any gamer.

Local recording

PlayClaw can capture video from graphics applications, games and the Windows desktop. Captured video is encoded in real time using a hardware accelerated or software codec H.264.

Live streaming

You can stream your gameplay with PlayClaw to various streaming services such as Twitch, YouTube, Mixer and others. Additional overlay effects like Chroma key will make your broadcast looking cool!

Gaming overlays

Graphics overlay support is one of the special PlayClaw features. Overlays can be seen on a game screen during playing a game or by your audience in a stream or recording.

PlayClaw captures DirectX, OpenGL and Vulkan graphics engines, it works both with 32 and 64 bits games.

Windows 7 is minimal, Windows 10 is recommended.

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Still thinking?

Record up to 16 audio sources simultaneously. Mix them in one track. Write audio to separate audio files.

Easy to use and modern user interface available even while you're in game!

Great recording performance - almost all operations are performed on GPU.

Windows Store (UWP) games are also supported.

Overlays effects, e.g. Chroma key, Image mask, etc.

Hardware accelerated H.264 codecs (NVidia, AMD, Intel), software Intel H.264 codec.

Live streaming to YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, Restream, Hitbox, GoodGame, CyberGame, etc.

Overlays: Frame Rate (FPS), Webcam, System Information, Crosshair, Web Browser, Teamspeak 3, Discord, Twitch chat, Clock, Timer, Stopwatch, Window overlay, Text and Image.

Record into memory buffer, keeping last several minutes and save them to disk when you want.